Case Study: Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a growing network of interrelated businesses, engaged in retail, financial services and petroleum.

These businesses offer a unique mix of products and services that leverage Canadian Tire's core capabilities and exemplify their vision to be a growing, innovative network of businesses, achieving extraordinary results through extraordinary people. They touch more people, in more ways, every day.

Canadian Tire is a proud Canadian family and their purpose is to serve and enrich the lives of their customers, their shareholders, their team and their communities. 48,000 Canadians work across the Canadian Tire organization from coast-to-coast in the corporation's retail, financial services, petroleum and apparel businesses.

Canadian Tire Retail and its Associate Dealers together form one of Canada's best-known and most successful retailers, with more than 455 stores from coast to coast. Canadian Tire offers customers a large selection of national and retail brands through three 'stores' under one roof - automotive parts, accessories and service; sports and leisure products; and home products. www.canadiantire.ca offers Canadians the opportunity to shop online and is among the country's top three busiest e-Commerce sites.

Today, nine out of ten adult Canadians shop at Canadian Tire at least twice a year and 40% of Canadians shop at Canadian Tire every week. Eighty-five per cent of the Canadian population lives within a 15-minute drive of their local Canadian Tire store. Canadian Tire is three clearly defined, highly competitive; specialty stores under one roof—automotive, sports and leisure, and home products. The involvement of Canadian Tire Associate Dealers in the daily life of the communities they serve helps the retailer forge stronger links with its customers across Canada. The most extensive store renewal and redevelopment program in Canadian history is underway to ensure Canadian Tire continues to be the best at what customers value most.


Canadian Tire Pembroke, Ontario location was looking for a new security solution that could push technology to its limits. They wanted to use a company that could design an easy-to-use solution that would effectively enhance employee safety without the need to hire guards. Additionally, they wanted to reduce inventory shrink from shoplifting and employee theft. As part of their search criteria, the retailer required a supplier that could deliver on a short timeline and provide comprehensive training after the sale.

IVIEW™ Digital Video Solutions Inc.’s prior industry experience, fast response and ability to provide complete training won the contract. After analyzing the retailer’s security needs, IVIEW™ along with a local security integrator in Pembroke, Ontario designed a security solution that allowed the retailer to effectively monitor their cash lanes, entry and exit areas with a complete 360 degree situational awareness shot. The security integrator installed high definition fixed color cameras at entry and exits points within the retail store for positive facial I.D. recognition. The IVIEW™ 360 Panoramic Camera and the IVIEW™ 360 Retrospective DVR were utilized in identifying the movements of individuals that came into the retail store and leaving the retail store. Since the IVIEW™ 360 Camera has a 172 degree field of view; installed at 17 feet in the middle of the store gave the retailer a complete situational awareness shot covering nearly ¾ of the entire store! Allowing them track individuals coming into the retail store. Another IVIEW™ 360 Camera was installed at 13 feet by the cash exit lanes allowing the retailer to see all the cash lanes and identify what individuals left the store without paying for products. The IVEW360™ retrospective DVR allowed the retailers to pan/tilt/zoom inside of a moving image after the fact! Allowing them to retrospectively view the thieves in the act of actually walking out of the retail location with product in their hands without paying. As a result of this solution, nearly a dozen individuals were apprehended in the act of theft over a period of 10 months. Improved security also enabled the retailer to provide a safer work environment. Most importantly, savings from reduced inventory shrink increased profitability and generated a substantial ROI (Return on Investment). This enabled the retailer to more effectively plan for future improvements.

“The ability of the system to Pan/Tilt/Zoom after the fact on a recorded playback is what really gave us the ability to pinpoint who the individuals were and what routes they took to try to leave the store with product without paying. The fact that we can go back and point the camera to where it was not looking before after the fact is just what we were looking for. The IVEW™360 camera really “sees and records all” without any blind spots and replaces typically what 8 cameras can do. Not to mention that money that we saved with the installation of just one unit as opposed to 8 fixed cameras. We are very happy with the system and pleased with the performance.”

John Birch
General Manager
Canadian Tire Corporation
Pembroke, Ontario


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