Identifying Trends And Markets

Whether you're walking through the airport, shopping for new pair of shoes or just driving down the highway, there's either somebody behind a CCTV monitor watching every step you take while recording them onto a DVR. In fact, society has never been more security conscious than today. If you just look around, you'll probably notice a sharp increase in the number of cameras.

When it comes to security, there's no doubt video surveillance is the first line of defense and continues to play an increasingly important role in all security applications. IVIEW Digital Video Solutions recognizes this trend in addition to spotting new and arising trends in video surveillance for improving security.

This insight allows us to better design, manufacturerand align our products to address a wider spectrum of applications and markets including the following:

  • banking
  • corporate
  • education
  • facilities
  • first response
  • health & medical
  • homeland security
  • retail
  • transportation